A busy time

I’ve been busy with the Armadale Hills Open Studio Arts Trail & now getting ready for the above event in Kalamunda. The open studio event  went really well – lots of visitors who seemed to be enjoying themselves & also good sales. I shared my studio with Sue Doorey who makes the bags on the table & rack in the photos below.

Before the open studio, I made a piece for the WA Fibre & Textile Association members exhibition, Altered States. This was a challenge – we were each given a bag of unwanted stuff, including raw alpaca fleece, paper pattern, old magazine, string, some fabric pieces, old clothes & more! The bags were all similar but with some differences & we had to use a little or a lot of everything is our bag., but nothing else, except paint, glue & some thread. Quite a challenge! Photos below.

The exhibition was great – the pieces were all so varied & creative – it was well presented too – so enjoyed being a part of it.

The next photo shows some of the things I’ve been making to sell, using my hand printed fabrics. I have to keep making more because they’ve sold!




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