A new quilt finished…

Working title: Weathered and Worn. The quilt is 30 x 50cms and will be my entry in One Red Thread 2018, an exhibition held in August as part of the Berry Quilting Retreat in Berry NSW. The others photos show the piece in progress. It’s made from old tea towels that were very worn & holey – I’ve dyed & printed them to use in the quilt with some other bits and pieces from my collection of stuff that suited the theme: Weathered. I was thinking of the northern Australian landscape that is ancient & weathered over centuries.

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    • Thanks Virginia, one of my thermofax designs that came from a photo I took of a cracked concrete slab.

  1. Certainly fits the theme 🙂 I like the piece of holey t-towel that you’ve printed onto. It has never occurred to me to print onto something that already has holes in it – I’ve only ever printed whole fabric and then made holes in it. Or dyed holey fabric. But never printed. Funny how you can miss something obvious your whole life isn’t it 🙂

  2. A great interpretation on weathered, and I loved the way you showed the process. Congratulations on your finished piece.

  3. I’ve only seen photos of the area but imo it certainly does capture “the northern Australian landscape that is ancient & weathered over centuries.” Liz may not have thought to print over “holey t-towels” but it never occurred to me that I could use them at all, and it’s not like I don’t have some old threadbare linens lying around!

    • Thanks for commenting Sheila, I’d been saving these for a while – when the Weathered theme came up, I thought of them!

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