Good and Bad News

The bad news first: my quilt, Red Gum, was not selected for Stitched & Bound. I’m just posting the detail pic today because I will submit the quilt for other exhibitions. This time I went to the trouble and expense of professional photos but I’m not sure if that helped. I think they sharpened the […]

Quilt progress

Today has been a mixed sort of day… this morning I had a BCC skin cancer removed from my arm – I have a 4 cm cut with stitches. Then I decided to put my quilt, which I finished stitching yesterday evening, into the cloque bath. This is always a little nerve wracking when you’ve […]

Dissolvables at Designing Women

At our first DW meeting this year, I did a mini demo on dissolvable fabrics. This little bowl was one of my samples. It’s fabric and thread scraps between 2 layers of vilene 541 stitched and moulded around a candle. After the demos we had a challenge where we all brought a collection of interesting […]

Maggie Grey’s Workshop

I had a great time at Maggie’s workshop on Tuesday. She’s an excellent and generous teacher, sharing many of her techniques. It was great to meet her and see some of her work from the books. (I think I have most of them!)Thanks Doreen for sending me the photo above. From the left: me, Jo-Anne, […]


The Head & Shoulders exhibition has finished so here are 4 of my bags from it. I sold some & the gallery is keeping the rest.The fabrics are all my own, hand dyed, printed and embroidered. Some are cloqued and a lot of them are heat transfer dyed. Next Friday and Saturday I’ll be at […]

Printing & Dyeing

Another Breakdown Print Above: a detail of my last breakdown print. The whole piece is shown below. I’ve used bubble wrap impressed onto the dye coated screen. The dye was quite thick and didn’t breakdown as quickly with printing but I quite like how this fabric turned out, the print placement is better and it […]

Swap & Cloque

ATC and PostcardThese have been sent to Susan Lenz (USA) for her Cyber Fyber project. She still wants people to be involved, find out how here. I’ll post of photo of her cards when I receive them. Cloque I’ve been doing some cloque. Above: silk painted with Napthol dyes then free machine stitched and put […]

Cloque Dangers and BroadbandJacqueline asked if the caustic used in cloque is dangerous/toxic. Yes, it certainly can be if you don’t take proper precautions such as protective gear – eye protection, respirator, long gloves etc. The main danger is from contact with skin, severe burns can result. I also always do it in a well […]

Cloque PiecesThese are some experimental bits I’ve cloqued. They’re synthetic fabrics stitched onto a muslin backing then shrunk in a strong caustic bath causing the upper fabric (whichdoesn’t shrink) to crinkle up.The top 2 samples have circular pieces which I intend to cut out and apply to a project I’m planning. The others are all […]