Printing greens

Green is a not a colour I use a lot but after a couple of printing sessions, I seem to be accumulating a collection – maybe a future quilt. The above fabrics are mainly thermofax printed with Permaset and some discharge (deColourant).

Thermofax screen printing workshop

Last Saturday I went down to Bunbury to tutor a workshop for the Stirling Street Art Centre. We only had 6 participants but they produced lots of good prints and I think they enjoyed themselves.  drying prints We also did discharge printing, still using the thermofax screens but with decolourant instead of paint. Below: Julie […]

Happy New Year

Its been so hot since Christmas – we had more than a week of temperatures over 38C (100F) but finally had a couple of cooler days so I was able to work in my studio. Yesterday I was painting  and printing with thickened Procion dyes. Those pieces are still batching but these pics are from the […]

New work

Thermofax print – same screens as used on the silk scarf a couple of posts ago – this is Permaset on cotton. Below: last Sunday I did a workshop tutored by textile artist extraordinaire: Elizabeth Morley at our local Australian Sewing Guild group. We all made a leaf brooch and tried some of Elizabeth’s methods […]


This silk scarf is screen printed with thickened procion dyes using a crocheted doiley for the deconstructed printing process. Then I made a thermofax screen from a scan of the same doiley and printed with de Colourant to discharge (the lighter lace images) I was very happy with how it turned out – it was […]

Journal Quilts

My latest journal quilt is made from a half made, quilted bag which I decided would be better cut up and made into something else. I’ve butted up the pieces, stiched them together, then applied a backing. The edges were turned over to the front and stitched. The original bag fabric was dye painted after […]

New stuff & some interesting mail

This is one of the quilts I’ve been working on – it’s quilted but hasn’t been bound yet and still needs some embellishment. As I’m not really a quilter, I feel I need some practice with putting a quilt together, quilting and finishing but I won’t be doing any very intricate, traditional work. I am […]

Product trial

There has been some discussion on the Complex Cloth Yahoo group about a new discharging product: deColourant Plus which was being promoted as a less smelly and safer alternative to the existing products. Dave very kindly offered to send samples to interested members so they could do their own testing. I didn’t think he would […]

More printing

This afternoon I continued with my printing – did some more on the piece from the previous post (bottom) and the 2 top ones. I decided I needed to make a ‘lines’ printing block to add another layer to my fabric quickly. The vilene stencil worked well but was very hard to see through, making […]