More new work

  Block print and hand painting on linen. Below: sequin waste used as a stencil over background print. Journal pages: various stencil and print techniques. Some of my small framed textile works. Glass makes it hard to photograph. This machine embroidered fabric collage on a thermofax printed background is now framed too. Sketchbook cover with appliqued […]

Some new pieces

  I seem to be just scratching around the edges with my work lately (too many distractions) but I guess something, however insignificant, is better than nothing! I’ve been doing some book covers and small framed pieces for a local craft fair in October and have managed to finish several, including a book cover from the above […]

Not much art happening here

I like to do some craft projects over summer – decided to make this piece into a cushion after finding a cushion insert while sorting out my store room. The wall quilt below came about because I wanted to use the embroidery unit on my machine. It hadn’t been used for more than a year. I bought it […]

Back to my blog

 I’ve been neglecting my blog – busy with family and doing things that don’t take too much thought, like the piece above which is made from leftover strips of quilt fabric, stitched with built in patterns and couched with yarns using my new sewing machine (below) The Brother QC 2000 has taken a bit of getting used to but I’m liking it. […]

Sample-book covers & postcard

Last month at ATASDA, Lyn gave a workshop on techniques for making covers for a sample book. Home work was to finish our covers and glue them onto the cardboard supplied. Then this month Lyn would use her machine to make the holes for us and put in the spiral binding and pages. So on […]

New work

This 12″x 12″ journal quilt was just finished. The appliqued shapes started as a separate piece of embroidery but being all olive colours, I thought it was a bit dull so I cut it up into these rectangular pieces. I had trouble finding a suitable background – tried it against many different colours but wasn’t […]

New covered sketchbooks

I was asked to do some more of these for a gallery shop. These are the first 4. They were photographed tonight so the colours might be slightly off but I’m going to take them in tomorrow and won’t have time then. Top: commercial fabrics pieced and stitched with some block printing and beaded braid […]


This was posted before as a work in progress… I finished it and framed it today. Now I need to find a space to hang it. Thanks for all the comments, I do appreciate them. Judy asked how I printed with the plastic grid shown in my previous post. It is a little fiddly – […]

Black on Black

This is a section of a piece that is 15 x 35cms on the theme of Black is Black. Its the 2nd of a series for our Designing Women exhibtion in November. The 1st, posted earlier, was A Whiter Shade of Pale. It actually has touches of red and siver in it but the colour […]

New bag & postcard

The bag is made from dressmaking remnants and fabric that was given to me, which I’ve dyed and printed. The fringe was from a truly daggy white lace poncho that I bought for $1 at an Opp shop – thought the lace would be good for dispersal dyeing (it was). The fringe dyed beautifully with […]