Seams and Layers exhibition opening

A successful opening last week – the first pic is the middle section of the gallery with the challenge pieces: Eucalyptus colours. The others are 2 of my pieces in the exhibition, Lines 39 x 110cms quilt and Pathways. The exhibition is on until Wednesday 5th November – see invitation below. There is still time […]

My Blog Hop post & giveaway

Welcome to the Gelatin Printing Enthuiasts Facebook Group blog hop. It’s my turn to post today so I thought I’d share how I make post cards from my Gelli prints. They could be on paper or fabric, but the prints I’m using here were done on iron-on interfacing as shown on the Gelli website. You […]


I printed some polyester fabrics with heat transfer dyes and cut out shapes with a soldering iron, then appliqued some of them onto a background to make a postcard. Thanks for your comment Judy – yes I do usually wear a respirator for that kind of work and would certainly advise anyone to buy a good fitting […]

Sample-book covers & postcard

Last month at ATASDA, Lyn gave a workshop on techniques for making covers for a sample book. Home work was to finish our covers and glue them onto the cardboard supplied. Then this month Lyn would use her machine to make the holes for us and put in the spiral binding and pages. So on […]

New bag & postcard

The bag is made from dressmaking remnants and fabric that was given to me, which I’ve dyed and printed. The fringe was from a truly daggy white lace poncho that I bought for $1 at an Opp shop – thought the lace would be good for dispersal dyeing (it was). The fringe dyed beautifully with […]

Journal cover, gifts and a swap

I finished this sketchbook cover yesterday. ( opened out above and closed below) Not my usual colours but I’m happy with it.I’m teaching two workshops in Bunbury soon, one is called From Trash to Treasure, which is about creating things from leftover scraps of fabric, yarns, ect. so I thought I would get some examples […]

Postcard & Round Robin Fabric

A quick post before we go out to lunch with friends. Above: Did this last week & gave it to my niece with her house warming gift. The background is leftover bits from my heart quilt. (previous post)Below: My layer on Susan’s fabric – Procion dye: equal parts scarlet, blue MXG & golden yellow. I […]

Surprise mail

The postcard was a nice surprise in the mail yesterday. It’s from Joan and she also stencilled the leaf design on the paper it was wrapped in. (a process we learned from Jane Dunnewold at Fibres West) Thanks Joan, it’s lovely. I’m still getting things done for my Albany workshops but have spent time this […]

New Postcard

This is another September TIF piece. I’ve used some of the leftover bits from the last one ironed onto vilene in a log cabin design, then stitched with automatic patterns & some free machine stitching. This week has been a bit interrupted because it’s the 6 month point in my walking programme and I had […]

Latest Bags

The bag above is made from collaged fabric with the flower decoration (detail below) free machined on organza. I used my new couching foot to apply a black metallic yarn for the edges, did more stitching with metallic thread then used a soldering iron to make some holes and cut out the flower shape. (same […]