Some thermofax printing

 These prints are over the top of  previous sample pieces, now I think they are usable fabrics with some depth from the layering. The small hand drawn circles were my first thermofax screen – still holding up well. The larger circles are more recent screens. Below: my print table cover – it’s starting to look […]

More new work

  Block print and hand painting on linen. Below: sequin waste used as a stencil over background print. Journal pages: various stencil and print techniques. Some of my small framed textile works. Glass makes it hard to photograph. This machine embroidered fabric collage on a thermofax printed background is now framed too. Sketchbook cover with appliqued […]

Spring is almost here

Donkey orchids are among the early wildflowers in our area – we saw these – part of a large clump on the side of the road while walking around our suburb. Macracarpa also seen on our walk, native to WA but not here. The red flowers are about 1.5 to 2″ across when they come out. […]


This was posted before as a work in progress… I finished it and framed it today. Now I need to find a space to hang it. Thanks for all the comments, I do appreciate them. Judy asked how I printed with the plastic grid shown in my previous post. It is a little fiddly – […]

Some time in the studio…

I’ve had a little time to play with print – here are some of the results. Above is printed from a grid made from fused plastic strips (orange). This idea came from a demo by Liz for Designing Women – doing all sorts of strange things with plastic. I could immediately see many possibilities. I […]

Using up paint piece

I often have some scrap fabric handy when printing to finish up paint or make full use of a paper stencil. This is the current one. It’s done with roller, mono, block and screen printing. The 2 dark horizontal stripes made up of short lines were cut from drafting film and I used the cut […]

Finished fabrics

Some of these I’ve shown before, but now I think they’re finished. I think I’ll add some stitch to the piece above – it may end up as a quilt. The one below is just a small experiment made to use up left over ink but I like the colours. Below: a detail of the […]

I’m back

I spent last week doing a wonderful & inspiring workshop at Fibres West in Bunbury. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, but here are some of the pieces I did. The workshop was Jane Dunnewold’s ‘Complex Cloth’ & she is a great teacher. I can’t wait to get into my studio to continue the […]

TIF: May and June

Now I’ve finished my exhibition work, it’s time to catch up on my Take It Further Challenge pieces. I’ve decided not to be too pedantic about the chosen colours. While looking for some suitable fabrics last night I found a small collection of printed fabrics (top photo) that I had intended to put together into […]