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A couple of pages in my visual diary – I’ve used my Gelli plate as a stamp and rolled excess paint onto the page.

Gelli printing again

We’ve had several days of lovely spring-like weather and I’ve been in the studio doing some Gelli printing on iron-on interfacing as seen on the Gelli blog. Back left of the pic is my sketchbook. Interfacing is harder to print on than paper or smooth fabric – I found a few layers of printing worked […]

Back to my work

I’m back home now after spending most of the last 2 months staying at my parents’ home so I could look after them while my brother was having a break. I’ll still be going back and forth, but will have time to get back to my own work. We had a lovely Christmas with all […]

Veil of Secrets

This is my finished piece Veil of Secrets (150 x 58cm) from the Mysterium exhibition – detail below:Photographed for the catalogue by Josh Wells. I’ve been spending most of my week lately and continuing until after Christmas, caring for my parents, which is why I’ve been absent from blogging. It also means I can only work on […]

Some exhibition photos

Top: The White Challenge pieces looked good in the central area under a skylight – my 2 are on the right. ‘Skeleton Leaves’ (right) was sold on the opening night. I’ll have to decide what to do with my    other piece, ‘Lace Circles’ now. My Machine Embroidered Vessel with turned Jarrah base (made by DH) another view […]

A little peek at my work for the exhibition

I’ve finished my 6 pieces for Dimensions at last. I would have like to do more but am happy with the work I did get done. I’m looking forward to the opening on Friday to see what everyone else has come up with.

Sunday in the hills

Yesterday we had lunch at the Core Cider House at Pickering Brook which is not far from us. Lovely orchard surroundings and a very good tasting plate as well as cider tastings. They have blankets for their patrons and we needed them – it was cold! Beautiful Banksias in their garden. My tidying up is […]


  Not much work happening lately, I’ve been painting walls instead of fabric. I have made another bag which I haven’t photographed yet and have been working on the DW red challenge. See the DW blog for my first piece.