This is my studio in full scarf printing mode. It’s great to have a studio, I used to print on my dining room table and dye in the laundry before my husband Wayne built the studio. He has a divided off part as his shed.
Today it’s one month to my trip to Europe, which is a bit worrying considering all the news at the moment, especially as we are going via Heathrow in London. I hope things will have calmed down by then. I’m going to Berlin, Prague, Austria (where my daughter lives), Croatia then 5 days in London on the way home where I’ll be going to the Knitting & Stitching show.

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  1. Linda, your studio looks great – I am still thinking about my work table – I don’t need a big printing table as I just don’t work that way these days – I am roaming around looking…
    ps don’t worry about flying – it is starting to settle down. I am just worried that I won’t have my book and sketchbook and paints and stitching….

  2. Dale, my table isn’t as big as I’d like. it was a temporary solution which is probubly almost permanent now. I’ve got a couple of kitchen tables there too, but I don’t sew in the studio, it’s mainly for the messy or fumey things.
    I know you’re right about the flying, have you decided where you’re going for your break?

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