On Saturday the Innovative stitchers, another group I’m a member of, had our final meet for the year. We all took food to share for lunch and had a useful session on organisation/time planning/brainstorming so we will all produce great work for the exhibitions coming up. One is in May & the main one we’re woking towards should be early 2008.
This week will be busy as the 84 Group has it’s Christmas breakup on Sunday and we all have to make a neckpiece as well as a hand made gift for someone & take food too. I should also get my woven bag finished for show & tell but may not manage that. At least I’ve finished all my scarves & sent off 2 lots. I did some extras as well. Today did some Christmas shopping so I can post a parcel to Renee in Austria.

The piece below was made by layering lots of scraps of polyester fabrics onto felt, covering with poly organza, stitching then burning with a small blowtorch. I think it will end up being a bag.

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