Embellisher Blues
Back to embellishing today. Both samples are on felt backgrounds. On the left I’ve used various fabrics yarns & some wool tops then quite a bit of hand stitching (very basic stitching, thats all I can do!). On the right, the squares are silk & synthetic velvet. I used wool tops to fasten down the synthetic velvet as they didn’t want to stick just using the embellisher machine.

Today I also went shopping, first to Victoria Park. Had lunch at an Italian restaurant then to Stitchers Corner where I bought some rug canvas and a couple of hand threads. Then on to Dazzle Dance Fabrics in Rivervale to get a selection of metallic lace fabrics for embellishing etc. 20% off too. Then to Belmont Forum to get more storage containers for all my stuff. Tommorrow I think I’ll spend some time sorting out my sewing room as I can hardly move in it.
The rug canvas I bought is to use for making rug canvas fabric. You just weave strips of fabric through then stitch over. The canvas is quite stiff which makes it good for all sots of things, bookcovers, bags, boxes, photo frames, jewellery etc. The technique is from “Fabric Leftovers” by D’Arcy-Jean Milne.

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  1. Wow-you’re on fire now Linda- that blue colour is to dye for.
    I haven’t got an embellisher yet and I don’t know how to convince Himself that I really can’t live without one.

  2. Just found your gorgeous blog through the needlefelt challenge site.
    Your work is wonderful and so inpsiring. The blue felted pieces are so beautiful!

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