I haven’t posted for a while, been busy & out a lot. I’ve nearly finished my 32 ATCs, just have to finish the edges of the last 7. Quite a good day at the 84 Group on Sunday, Marilyn showed us a few of her embroidery techniques & then how to make an album to keep our 31 ATCs in. I’ve also got to make a sample album for another group I’m in, so that demo was very useful. A photo of the ATCs coming soon.
I’ve been looking at overlockers, the one I was interested in was on special so I went for a demo but found it a lot more complex than I thought. The idea of one machine to do everything is great but unfortunately to change from normal overlocking to cover stitch & chain stitch involves a lot of fiddling about changing needle plates etc. Another dealer I went to said they hardly sell any of that type now & a better, cheaper option would be to keep my old one & just get a coverstitch model.
So currently having a re-think.

Needle felt Challenge: Spice & Different Background
I’m a bit late with the Spice Challenge so have photographed the 2 together. Quite pleased with Spice (on the right) it’s on a felt background, various fabrics and yarns with a small amount of wool & silk tops and a liitle hand stitching. The other sample (left) is using a different background, for me anyway, which is some chunky wool fabric left over from 1971 would you believe! that says something about my hoarding nature I guess. The white wool squares, muslin & yarns are embellished on then handstitching added.

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  1. Linda I must agree with the dealer about keeping your old overlocker and just buying a stand alone cover stitch machine.
    I know that means more machines to set up around the room but the problem that switching from o’lock to cover stitch causes tends to make you not use one of them to it’s full potential.

  2. I have been thinking of getting a new overlocker too and had also thought I might get the coverstitch only one. Don’t know where I can put it though – maybe it will join the embellisher in hte laundry. What brands are you looking at?

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