My finished Mobius Strip

Mobius Strip detail

This was finished on Saturday night. I’m very pleased with how it looks although it’s a bit small to wear around my shoulders. However, it works very well as a scarf. I should have used a hoop for the free stitching as it buckled up a bit too much. The grid is done with a fine red glitter yarn zigzagged onto the soluble fabric after the silk patches were pinned on. The colours are my favourites to work with, reds, pinks, purples & oranges. I’ve already started on another small one for a bangle & I will do a woolly one for a winter wrap.

Last week was a bit busy as we bought a new car & went to the Caravan & Camping Show to look for a caravan for our big trip around Australia planned to start later this year.
Also went to Freemantle & to a lovely new wool shop called Yarns on Collie in Collie Street.
It was my husband’s birthday too so we went out to dinner with family & had a nice lunch at our friends place. I made him an apron with his name on for his wood turning which he’s recently started but seems very keen on.
Sorry, still no more needlfelting pieces, hope to get to that soon but have a couple of other textile things to do first.

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  1. It looks lovely Linda – so nice to see it finished. A shame about the shrinkage, but it’s hard to predict how much it will pucker when sewing. I think the only way is to do a sample 1st, but then that can be a bit to organised for most of us!!

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