Sun Print Fabric Bag
As I’m teaching a sunprinting & more workshop on Saturday I thought I’d use some of my experimental pieces to make a bag. I’ve used a few different textile paints & found they all work fine as long as they are fairly runny. The thick ones, like permaset, need thinning with water.
For the resists, I’ve used stencils, foam shapes, buttons, lace, yarns & threads, plastic grids, small gum nuts, leaves etc. The small pieces are great for fabric collage. I tried the technique with Dispersal dyes too, painted on synthetic fabrics which also worked really well.
So it seems any runny, transparent paint or dye is OK.

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  1. I am interested in your comments re disperse dyes. I gather you painted them directly onto the fabric. I have only ever used these dyes as a transfer medium. Mmmm – something else to try.

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