I’ve just come back from 6 days in Broome. It’s a fantastic place, boab trees, stunning beaches with the most gorgeous turquoise water and red earth ranging from orange to deep red. It’s a bit depressing to come back to winter weather in Perth after the hot weather in Broome. I took lots of photos of rock formations etc. which should provide inspiration for my work.

The bottom photo is the town beach where we enjoyed swimming. We liked it better than the legendary Cable beach as it was quieter, calmer and there were lots of shady places to relax on the lawn, also a good cafe overlooking the water. But we did watch the sun set over Cable beach which was stunning, unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me.

The other photo is at the port area where I took a lot of rock photos.

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  1. Great rock photos Linda are you heading off again soon.
    We are off to Tasmania on Friday for 12 days to see our son his wife and 3 girls.
    We are taking Ebony as well so it will be hectic.

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