New Work
this is my latest effort, finished today. It had been lurking at the bottom of the works in progress pile for ages because I was unsure of how to proceed with it. I was looking for a project to get me going again so thought I’d have a go at this. It’s made up of various pieces of hand dyed fabrics & the blue part of the flower was already done. I used pieces of scrim to blend the edges of the pieces and lots of free machining then I added the purple stitching (seed pods, stem and outline of flower) I’m not quite sure of what to do with it, whether it should be a wall piece or a bag front.
I’ve sold 4 of the bags I took to the gallery before we went away. They want some more and I’ve also got to dye and print some more silk scarves. I only had half as many as they wanted which I sent before we went to Broome. Busy!
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