I’ve been playing with Picasa to manipulate and post photos. The one below is a collage of 2 of my broome photos. I found out how to do it on the new Quiltwow taster. It’s fun to do and although I’m not totally happy with this result, will definitely continue exploring.
The next one down is a piece of cloque. I like the colours but not in the photo so this is a tint with most of the colour removed.

This week I’ve been finishing my Module 2 unit of Dale’s online Playways course. I’m just about there, just have to assemble all the bits and label them. She won’t believe it, I think it’s been at least 3 years since I started. For me (last minute Linda) it would be better to have a deadline, then I would have finished ages ago.
Also had to make some silk paper for our 84 Group meeting on Sunday and spent lots of time looking for the instructions as it’s been a while since I made some. Eventually had to look up the Treetops website. Jennie is showing us some different ways of using it.

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