Cloque Pieces
These are some experimental bits I’ve cloqued. They’re synthetic fabrics stitched onto a muslin backing then shrunk in a strong caustic bath causing the upper fabric (which
doesn’t shrink) to crinkle up.
The top 2 samples have circular pieces which I intend to cut out and apply to a project I’m planning. The others are all transfer dyed, the middle one is a satin ribbon The lower left flower shape was cut out of the blue fabric with a soldering iron and I’ve bonded the pink fabric under it. The lower right sample is kunin felt which I wanted to try to see if it would work.

The bottom photo is a closeup of the flower piece. I also made a brooch yesterday that I was quite pleased with but the photo I took was no good.

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  1. Hi Linda, what kind of caustic did you use? And isn’t it dangerous or very toxic? It really looks great. I used the same technique only with Hot soluble fabric.So this makes me very curious.

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