Breakdown Printing

Today I tried this for the first time. I bought the book by Claire Benn and Lesley Morgan last year. Now I think I’m addicted. The process uses thickened Procion Dyes painted thickly onto a silkscreen. I used a piece of fairly thick crochet-look fabric pressed into the wet dye. When it’s dry the impressed material is removed and you print using clear manutex. This fabric is just the first stage, it can then be overdyed or printed or whatever.

Detail of printed fabric

I have another screen ready to go with different things used for impressions. The first screen did a lot more prints than I thought it would and I was totally exhausted when I’d finished. It does look better than the photo with some quite subtle detail. And, importantly, the dried dyes washed out of the screen easily.

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  1. Hi! I stumbled across your blog (don’t ask me how, these things just happen…clicking links from others’ blog and here I am)…anyways, I was wondering if you would be able to answer me this…what is the difference between breakdown printing and deconstructed printing? I’m seriously aiming to take a workshop from Benn and Morgan in the fall of 08.

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