Breakdown Printing

More breakdown printing
This is from the 2nd screen I did. I’ve used various objects to make impressions. The mesh on this screen was finer and I found the screen brokedown more quickly so I didn’t get as many prints and also It was harder to clean. There were a few very stubborn little spots that I had to scrub and scrub. So probubly won’t use this screen for breakdown printing again which means I’ll have to get some more screens or clean off some of my photographic stencils. But I still like the results, this one is more interesting I think. I also printed a silk scarf with the same screen.

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  1. Hi Linda,
    this is the first time I visit your blog, I came over from Sue’s Blog to have a look at your textile work. I love your printing experiments, the results look great, thanks for sharing them!
    Have a nice day

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