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Block Print
This a the test print from a printing block I cut from a plastic eraser. Very easy to cut and nice to print with. I’ll use the blue fabric in my TIF challenge piece.

Fabrics made from scraps

This fabric was made by stitching down scraps of various light coloured polyester fabrics onto a felt base using a zigzag stitch with feed dogs down. Then I coloured it with heat transfer dyes ironed on from painted paper. I’ve used white polyester embroidery thread for the stiching as that also takes the dye beautifully. A good way to make scraps into something usable.

The left piece is done the same way but using more attractive fabrics and overlaying some bits of organza too so it doesn’t need any more colouring. They could both be used for backgrounds or cut into shapes and appliqued onto something else.
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