Printing & Dyeing

Another Breakdown Print
Above: a detail of my last breakdown print. The whole piece is shown below. I’ve used bubble wrap impressed onto the dye coated screen. The dye was quite thick and didn’t breakdown as quickly with printing but I quite like how this fabric turned out, the print placement is better and it should make an interesting ground for further printing.

Dyed silk and cotton
Its been a little cooler this week so I’ve managed to get some dyeing done. The fabrics below are for my contemporary quilt for which I’m going to be use the cloque process. The conditions state that it has to have at least 2 complete layers of fabric stitched throughout. The left fabric (a commercially printed silk organza which I’ve overdyed) is for the underside. the 2 middle fabrics (dyed muslin) will be 2 inner layers which will shrink in the cloque process and won’t be seen. I dye them because a white fabric would show through the organza.
The right fabric is silk crepe de chine which I’ve dyed, printed and discharged in some areas and this one will be the front of the quilt.

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