February TIF Challenge

Finished at last. A bit late but I’ve had a rotten cold which my husband was kind enough to pass on to me. I haven’t started the March challenge yet but do have some idea of what I’m doing. When I saw the colours Sharon had chosen, I was not impressed. Then I had a look at her piece where the inspiration for the colours came from and I did actually like them, although I thought they looked quite different from my printout of the Challenge colours. The dull burgandy was more magenta, the green was more jade and the yukky yellow was more gold. So I’m choosing to go with them!

I’ve decided to use silk fabrics as I think the colours are very rich looking and I’ll make a smaller peice of fabric than last month. I’m still only using stuff I already have.

I have a sad thing to report. One of my resolutions for 2008 has bitten the dust. I was intending to enter our WA Contemporary quilt exhibtion, Stitched & Bound but I just have too much else I’m committed to and getting sick was the last straw .
Anyway I’ve decided to give it a miss AGAIN. Why is everything in the first half of the year this year!
There are a couple of interstate quilt exhibitions coming up so I may try for one of those.

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  1. Hi Linda – you’ve been tagged! Please forgive me. Joan

    BTW: I have not yet started my Stitched and Bound entry, but I am hopeful it will get there!

  2. This is so beautiful Linda – I love it! So much detail – I could just keeping looking at it and marveling at all the techniques and intricacies! PS There is always next year for S&B!

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