Easter Lillies

As Easter was early this year, our Easter lillies are actually in flower at the right time. They’re in our front garden.
Hope everyone had a happy Easter. We had the usual family gathering, minus one daughter who arrived back from Japan today.

Just messing about with scraps & dissolvable fabric.

I should really be getting on with all my work but haven’t felt in the right frame of mind. I’m hoping that working on something will get me going.
The above piece is stitched on soluble vilene with metallic threads & some cable stitching. Then the vilene is dissolved away leaving just the stitching and the scraps of fabric.

Below: Scraps of embroideries, silk paper, cloque bits & some yarns have been stitched down on a background of woven interfacing. I found this good as a base because it’s not too thick but has some stiffness so you don’t need to use a hoop. I’ll make this into an evening bag. Both pieces are about A4 size.

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  1. Great samples Linda–I know what you mean about lack of creating I think my muse must be on holiday with yours
    I hope they both come back full of inspiration.

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