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Margaret River moss

We’ve just returned from a weeks break at beautiful Margaret River, on the coast about 280 kms south of Perth. It’s one of WA’s best known wine regions which also has lots of great galleries as well as yummy food to taste.

We took my parents with us because now that my father no longer drives, it’s hard for them to have a holiday. Unfortunately, yesterday they got news that their house had been broken into so we came home a day early. Luckily not too much was taken or damage done but it’s still a horrible feeling that people have ransacked a home and not a good way to finish what was meant to be a treat. The police have caught 3 young offenders and it looks like they may get some of their things back.

The above photos are taken on the banks of the Blackwood River which is between Margaret River and Augusta. I didn’t take many photos because the weather was a bit dull, luckily not too much rain though.

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