Top photo is my main piece for the Innovative stitches Group exhibition. I’m still deciding if it’s finished, almost there but maybe just a touch more needed. The design is inspired by fragments of bobbin lace found in the Batavia shipwreck off the WA coast.
The 90 x 130cm cotton fabric was dyed with Napthols, silkscreen and lino block printed with thickened Procion dyes and discharged with Jaquard discharge paste. After that I’ve applied some shiva oil stick in a few areas through the same stencil I used for the silkscreening.
For the large black lace sections I used a technique from Jane Dunnewold’s book Improvisational Screen Printing where you paint your design directly on the screen with acrylic paint. It is permanent but I had an old screen that needs re-silking so that didn’t matter and it works great.
As I’ve mentioned before, brown is not one of my favourite colours to work with but I’m quite happy with the way this turned out.

I‘ve used the same processes to print the silk twill scarf except I’ve overdyed it with Procion grey which unexpectedly turned out green on the silk. I first thought disaster but after a bit more printing and discharging I now like the colours.

The exhibition runs from Tue 3rd June until Fri 22nd August at the Community Access Gallery in the Fremantle Arts Centre Complex, 1 Finnerty St. Fremantle. It should be worth a visit as there are lots of talented people in the Innovative Stitches Group. Some are brilliant hand stitchers (not me!) and some are more into machine embroidery, felting, mixed media, etc.
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  1. Looks great Linda! I’ve posted some of the info on our blog – can I use one of your images too, please. I love the sound of that screen printing technique… maybe there is a workshop in that!!!

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