Front cover

Today I finished my journal for the exhibition, hurrah! It was hard to photograph because of the light & dark areas so in places the colour is a bit washed out but you can enlarge the photo by clicking on it. This is the first book I’ve made and it was a lot of work especially as I did most of it in the last couple of weeks. If I worked that hard all the time I could achieve heaps.
The shells and things are from my junk collection and I’ve trapped them under fine netting and free machine stitched around to secure. Most of the fabrics in the embroidery are silk and cotton that are hand printed/dyed scrappy bits. The lettering is machine stitched on felt, then heatgunned to burn away the background.

Inside view

There are 16 pages, here’s a peep at one set. The left one is one of my few pieces of hand embroidery. It’s on bleached procion dyed fabric.
The right page’s background fabric is done by monoprinting. You put acrylic paint between 2 pieces of glass press together then pull apart. It gives a coral like pattern. The back cover, below, is done the same way. I’ve appliqued on various pieces of embroidery, moulded paper and other bits & pieces for the islands.

Back cover
Here, I’ve applied an offcut from the front cover embroidery to feature on the back.
Now the journal’s finished, I’ve just got to finish my work for the “It’s About Time” exhibition at The Old Bakery. I’ve got another week to do that and I’ll be so glad when it’s all done. I will need to do a major tidy up though, everything gets in such a mess when I’m working to a deadline.
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  1. Beautiful, beautiful work! I love the combination of stitching and painted areas together with the found objects. Really beautiful.

  2. Wonderful work linda and bet this is just amazing . I would love to see this IRL.Guess I’ll just have to go to the exhibition now wont I !
    Wonderful class today and I really enjoyed all you shared.
    thanks for a great day.
    Dawnie T

  3. Hi, Linda. You have wonderful work here. I’ve had a wonderful visit and appreciate the inspiration found here through art and photos. Thanks for sharing. Continued success. I’ll be watching you.

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