Exhibition Pieces

Today we took my parents to see the exhibitions I currently have work in. It was a lovely sunny day & we had a good lunch at the Fremantle Art Centre Cafe. These 3 from the It’s About Time exhibition have been sold which was very nice. They’re all framed in box frames except the one below. Some of the photos could be better, they were done in a bit of a rush.

I’ve been tagged again – by Anna this time. The rules are: 1. link to her. 2. post rules. 3. list 6 unimportant things about me. 4. tag 6 other blogs I read. So here are the 6 things:
1. I’m a bit of a spoil sport so I’ll stick to my policy of not tagging anyone else!
2. I don’t like driving & still haven’t driven our new car, prefer the old familiar one.
3. I do like chocolate and collecting textile books
4. I’m a Scorpio
5. I don’t have a mobile phone
6. My textile work is spreading through the house. I’ve just spent 3 days tidying, sorting and putting away but my outside studio, where I do the messy stuff, is still to be tackled.

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