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It’s been a while, but here is some of my recent work. Above: a using up scraps piece where I’ve bonded assorted odd shaped fabric bits onto black iron on vilene & used rows of auto machine stitches with various threads including metallics, to decorate it. Over that: some couched yarns & strips of organza.

I’ve also started Module 3 of Playways (an online course run by Dale Rollerson of the Thread Studio) The 2 samples below are part of it.
It’s similar to the above piece & other work I’ve done, so I’ll have to make sure I extend myself a bit. I do like to have something to work through and there are a few things that will be a challenge. The samples, when all completed, are a great resource too. I’ve resolved to be more organised this time by working in the right order & making notes as I go. The last module took me so long that by the time I’d finished I’d forgotten how I did some of them and where I’d put them. Some, I’m sure, were used in other work.

Above: fabric sample squares bonded to a background fabric then pieces of sheer fabric layered on top. the stitching is auto machine patterns again but with the feed dogs down as in free stitching which gives a totally different effect.

Below: this isn’t part of Mod 3, it will be a bag front and is made from scraps of metallic fabrics and some cheese cloth type fabric painted with metallic textile paint. It’s all done in free straight stitch with metallic threads. I’ve got to do some more bags for a gallery, they’ve sold all the last lot.

2 weeks ago I had to have a skin cancer cut off my nose which needed a skin graft applied (skin taken from behind my ear). I had a huge white dressing which covered half my face & looked some kind of weird animal mask. It’s getting better now, no dressing, just a red patch but it made me a bit miserable for a while and the doctor kindly informed me I’d probably get more as I’m relatively young.

On a happier note, we had our daughter Renee with a friend of hers from Austria and young son to stay on Friday as they had to fly out very early Sat. I met her when I was in Austria so it was nice to catch up again and we had a lovely dinner at Roleys on the Ridge. She also made us a beautiful traditional Austrian chocolate cake called Sacher Torte. Yum!

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