Free machine embroidery

The first 3 pix are the rest of my It’s About Time exhibition pieces. I ended up selling all but 2 which was pretty good. The one above uses one of my silkscreened fabrics with a dried wood design. It’s been extensively manipulated with free stitching, appliqued areas, slashing, pleating, scrunching and has a few heat gun beads added. You can click on the photos for a closer view.

Below: painted Tyvek which has been pleated, cut up, stitched back together then heat gunned before applying to a dyed cotton fabric also pleated, cut up and stitched back together. It’s been heavily stitched to integrate the layers. This technique comes from one of my favourite books: Surfaces for Stitch by Gwen Hedley.

Above: the background is painted canvas, the long bead is carved bone and the diamond panel is made with a variety of paint, medium and stitch techniques including some hand stitching.

The above sample is a stitch sandwich. it has organza underneath with some scrunched scrim type fabrics, threads, metallic flakes, etc., layered over then a chiffon scarf over that. It was bonded together then stitched and heat gunned. This will be for my Module 3 of Playways, although I’ve adapted it somewhat.

Nearly forgot, on Friday I went to the Contemporary quilt group’s meeting which, this month, was at the Mundaring Art Centre, so we could view Stitched and Bound and listen to some of the artists talk about their quilts. This juried exhibition is held every 2 years and is always well worth seeing. Afterwards we had a pleasant lunch at a local cafe, the Lavender Patch.

Quite a busy week for us as daughter No 1 is off again, this time to Japan where she’ll be teaching English. Today we’ve been helping her move out of her flat in the pouring rain. All her stuff is now residing with us. We will miss her but hope to do a trip to Japan to visit soon.

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  1. The pieces are wonderful! I keep looking at them. They are so full of surprises. Everytime I see something new and wonder how you do it.
    Corryna, The Netherlands

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