August TIF

Well, I’m on a roll now, finished August (above) of Sharon’s Take it Further Challenge already! I really liked the colours in the photo she posted because they are colours I often use. This piece was already started when I realised it would be perfect for my TIF project. I’m back onto bag fabric after doing a postcard last month.
The couched yarns came about because I recently bought a free motion couching foot for my Husqvarna Designer 1 machine. It works quite well but only with straight stitch and I found the way the thread feeds through the foot a bit strange. I might take a close up for my next post.

Above: this piece was done last weekend in the workshop Wrap, Coil, Stitch I did with Jean Draper. I was enrolled for Stitch & Structure the weekend before but had to switch because I had a bad cold. The workshop was interesting although not my choice of subject. We were using techniques based on traditional basketry to make contemporary pieces. I have a small basket in progress which I will finish but I doubt if I’ll do many more because it’s so time consuming and hand stitch is not my favourite thing.

On the 2nd day I took in my sewing machine which I used for the above sample. I had lots of left over bits of cords made on the sewing machine. Jean showed us how to arrange our cords onto sticky soluble film before stitching. I can see loads of possibilities for this technique.

Postcard from Doreen
I received this beautiful card this week. Doreen claimed my July TIF postcard and sent me this one which she made on her embellisher machine. Lovely colours, I really like the way she’s done the sky as well as the detail in the foreground.
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  1. Your August TIF is very lovely. So much to look at, my eyes keep moving and finding new things to look at. I’d be interested in seeing your free-motion couching foot. I bought one for my Bernina, and am not totally impressed with it. Perhaps I need to practice more with it.

  2. What richness! it’s so lovely i’d just hang it up and look at it.
    love what you’re doing with couched threads, you’ve opened a path there.

    neki desu

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