New Bag

Although I wanted to be printing this week, I thought I should really get some bags finished first as they were promised a while ago. This one, I did yesterday. The fabric is a collage of various printed or dyed pieces plus silk paper, embroidery and yarn. The decorative strip on the flap is made from painted Tyvek which was stitched, couching down some threads, then heated. The beads are made from synthetic fabric or plastic using a heat gun and soldering iron. The cord is made by zigzagging over twisted together threads and yarns with the sewing machine.
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  1. Another nice bag. I like the fabric you were putting together in another post and the couching looks great too. Straight stitch only and not even zigzag? That would be disappointing but you seem to be doing well with it anyhow. Once couched down you can go back and add other stitches. Not as great as first time around though, is it?

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