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The bag above is made from collaged fabric with the flower decoration (detail below) free machined on organza. I used my new couching foot to apply a black metallic yarn for the edges, did more stitching with metallic thread then used a soldering iron to make some holes and cut out the flower shape. (same with the leaves). The flower center was made by stitching around the edges of wool nops and applying some beads.
I bought the fastener beads for both bags but have modified them by wrapping with yarn and sealing with mod podge. On the green one, I’ve also used paint and metallic wax before sealing.

The bag below is a bit of a strange one, I’d be interested to know what you think of it.

The fabric was made by wetting some cotton fabric, twisting it tightly, leaving it to dry, untwisting, then ironing it onto vileen, to keep the crinkles in place. The embellishments include couched metallic yarn, couched cord pieces with unravelled ends and lace made by stitching with metallic thread on water soluble.

This is the poscard I sent to Sandy. The one she sent me is shown in a previous post. It’s made from canvas pieces recycled from one of my old artworks. The canvas had been painted with acrylics, some bits have gel medium and metallic wax too.

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  1. I love my post card. The first purse is my favorite, but it’s in my colors. The second is very interesting and looks like a new direction for you to explore. I do like it.

  2. You’ve been busy!
    I love the first bag! It’s gorgeous.
    The second one is rather nice too. I like the idea of twisting the wet fabric to get crinkles.
    Beautiful postcard too.

  3. LOVE those bags! I would have to say that I like the first purse best, but mainly because I am most comfortable with those colors. You have used a very interesting technique with the second one. I admired your postcard on Sandy’s blog…very lovely!!

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