September TIF

This is where I’m at with the TIF challenge. I may cut it into strips and reassemble but I’m leaving it for now. I know it’s not a great photo, a bit washed out & I didn’t notice the thread accross it until I saw it on the computer screen. The colours for Sept are not ones I would have put together, although I liked the Sharon’s photo that was the source for them. The fabrics are mostly commercial synthetics bonded to vileen then free machine embroidered. It’s big enough for 4 postcards, but not sure what I’ll do with it yet.

Above & Below: some of the wildflowers we saw on the drive home. These are everlastings which are a papery daisy flower in yellow, pink & white. They last a long time after picking. They are around Mullewa and the Coalseam conservation area.

We saw the one below on the Mullewa wildflower walk. It contrasts nicely with the red stony ground.

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