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Front & back of a bag I finished yesterday. It uses some Napthol dyed fabrics I had, some lino printed with Permaset ink. The fabrics were then pieced and quilted with some patches appliqued on. Inside there are 2 pockets, one zipped. The green frill is silk organza.

Below: a scarf I recently made with strips of procion dyed rayon and knitting yarn. The strips were arranged on soluble fabric then a grid was stitched over. The yarn was applied and some of the gaps were filled with free machine stitching then the backing was dissolved. It turned out nice and soft and I like the colours. I didn’t like the dyed fabric before so a good result I think.
The last photo is a detail but you can click on the photo for a close up view.

Back to rainy weather here, we haven’t had much warm weather yet, just a couple of days of sun then back to rain again. Its better working in my studio when it’s cool but procion dyes set better with warmth during batching. I roll them in plastic and put them inside the car if necessary.
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  1. Gorgeous. I was surprised to read that the scarf came out soft – I haven’t had much luck with the soluble stuff but will try again, maybe see what they have new at the shop because things keep improving. And, am inspired by reading your blog to get some Procion Dyes which I’ve been meaning to try for a while now.

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