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This fabric was one of my Procion dye samples done on calico with a sponge brush, a round sponge stamp for the yellow circles, then stamped over with a sea sponge in a darker blue. I bonded it to felt and stitched over the design before making it into a book cover.

I’ve been busy lately doing workshop samples and generally brushing up on the techniques I’m going to be teaching at the Albany Summer School in January. My workshops are Heat Gun Bead Making, 1 day and Fabulous Fabrics with Dye and Paint, 3 days. Yesterday I had a good day doing bead making, tried some new techniques which turned out well and revisited some old favourites.
In the evening we went to a Christmas breakup for my husband’s woodturning group at Liddlow Homestead. He won 4 prizes for his bowls. Haven’t got a photo on the computer to post yet. It was a nice night with lots of food and lovely weather. Looks like Summer’s here at last, it’s meant to be 35 tomorrow. Hope it’s not too hot for Christmas.

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