Surprise mail

The postcard was a nice surprise in the mail yesterday. It’s from Joan and she also stencilled the leaf design on the paper it was wrapped in. (a process we learned from Jane Dunnewold at Fibres West) Thanks Joan, it’s lovely.

I’m still getting things done for my Albany workshops but have spent time this week Christmas shopping – I hate doing it more each year.
Definitely turning into a grumpy old woman I’m afraid. I didn’t actually have that much to do as I’d already bought some things but it still took too long and there were too many people and it cost too much.
In my husband’s family, which is very large, the person who has Christmas at their house gets to decide the format of present giving. I’ve decided that next year when it’s my turn, we’ll all contribute to buy a goat or a well for a third world village!

In case I don’t post again before, I’ll wish everyone a very happy, safe and peaceful Christmas.
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  1. Lovely postcard!
    I Christmas shopped waaaay early this year, as I hate it too! I am always consumed with baking during the last week or two before the holidays, so shopping is then quite out of the question. Your solution for next year is definitely fun!
    Hope you had a great holiday….and thanks for dropping by!

    Merry Merry!

  2. Hi Linda.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yours is very inspiring. We have a lot of common fiber interests. I also love the Christmas gift of a goat or well. I heard Moody Radio present that idea. Gonna start prepping my fam now for next Christmas. Happy creating.

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