I’m Back

I’ve been back from Albany a couple of days and life is back to normal. We had a good week away, my workshops at the Albany Summer School seemed to go pretty well and were well received and I sold 2 of the pieces which were in the Tutors’ exhibition. One of which I have mixed feelings about as it’s left a big space on my wall, I guess I’ll have to do something else to go there. But the lady who bought it was so happy with it, I am pleased. Its the wall hanging called Dreams of India which I did last year.
Above: is 1 yard of rayon which I dyed yesterday for a Complex Cloth Yahoo group round robin which was organized by Susan Purney Mark. It has quite a bit of white left as it was stuffed quite tightly into a tray but that’s OK as it leaves the next person the option of overdyeing.

Above: the beach at Emu Point, Albany. The weather was lovely, we escaped the sweltering heat in Perth last week. I would have liked a couple of extra days to relax as the teaching was quite intensive with a lot of preparation before too. I admire anyone who teaches full time! I usually only do one day workshops so 4 days was a stretch and I hadn’t taught the fabric dye & paint one previously. It’s left me keen to do more though.

Above: some of my Heat Gun Bead Making students at work. I’ll post some of the other class next time.
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