Fabulous Fabrics with Dye and Paint

Some of the hand painted (with thin & thick Procion dyes on wet and dry) fabrics drying on the veranda. This was after they had been batched and washed out, you can see we got good strong colours.
Below: the students at work. We got through a lot in the 3 days, they put in a great effort and got some great results.

Show and tell: we did a few methods of low water immersion dyeing, direct painting/printing etc. with the dyes, printing with bleach, then on the last day, overprinting and techniques with textile paints on the dyed fabrics, as well as trying oil sticks and foiling. They ended up with some fabulous pieces. Well done everyone!

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  1. I love what they made! I agree with Doreen, about you being a good teacher. If I could make these kind of fabrics on a workshop I would be so happy. And I would also like to get these wonderful bright colours. What do you do to get them so bright? Is it the fabric, the amount of procion? Would you like to share this secret?

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