Fabric and Quilted Blocks

I’ve been doing some more dyeing and printing this week. Not many photos yet but I washed out the above piece today. It’s approximately fat quarter size and was dyed first then monoprinted and block printed with Procion dyes. The block was made with foam shapes glued onto wood while the negative shapes were cut from paper.

The quilt blocks were made from a variety of cottons, rayons and silks, all light colours, which were dyed after piecing and quilting. I’ve been working through some of the exercises in the book Stitching to Dye in Quilt Art by C June Barnes. This is the first one, it’ll be the front and back of a bag. I’m now onto the third. I’m just doing squares as I’m not really interested in making quilts at this stage but I do like some of the effects she gets and some practise at quilting won’t go astray.

Things are getting going for the year, we had our first meeting of Innovative Stitches on Saturday. It was just a morning tea and show and tell, some lovely work to look at. It’s the WA Embroiderers Guilds’ 40th birthday this year and our group is doing boxes for the exhibition which are meant to show what we were doing in 1969. I haven’t started mine yet but I was a student at Perth Tech doing Graphic Design which was a lot different then to how it is now. It was really more of an art course as we did oil painting and life drawing, as well as design, illustration and hand lettering – no computers of course! It gave me good training in art skills and also helped me get into a university art course much later.

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  1. I love that fabric!! I can’t wait till it gets warmer here and I can really get out in the studio and do some good work! I enlarged your quilt block picture and then could see and really appreciate how lovely those blocks really are! I guess I need to order this book too! Thanks for the recommendation.\xo

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