Rare Bloom

Top: ‘Rare Bloom’ painted, stitched and heat gunned Tyvek, centre part is free machined on soluble vileen which was dissolved, moulded into shape and a heat gunned plastic bag bead added. This is in a box frame but I took it out for the photo. It will be in the school exhibition too.

The above A4 Quilt was shown in a previous post. I received some suggestions for it as I wasn’t sure if it was finished. I took the advice given and I think it is better (and now finished)

The bag fabric also featured in an earlier post, but now I’ve made it up into a bag. I used a few of the flowers shown below, made by free machining on vileen 541, to decorate it. I have a few more bags in progress at the moment.

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  1. I love the rare bloom Linda–well done to get the tyvek to behave eachtime you made a petal.
    The quilt looks great now and I see that you turned it upside down as well.
    Love the little flowers and leaves as well.

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