Busselton Jetty

We had a short break down south last week. Took the caravan and stayed a few days in the Busselton/ Dunsborough area then went down to Augusta for 2 days. We sold our nice new caravan which my DH didn’t like towing and bought a smaller second hand one last year. This is the first trip we’ve done with it and everything worked well.
Above is the foreshore at Busselton. You can see the 143 year old jetty which is nearly 2 kilometres long, the second longest in the world.

Below: partway along as we walked out to the end of the jetty. It has been almost destroyed twice by storms and fire but has been restored, although it is still a work in progress.

At the end they’ve built an underwater observatory where you can go down the 12 metres to the sea bed and look though windows as you descend (pic below). There were so many fish of different sizes and types and the jetty pylons were covered in colourful coral like growths (shown in the last pic but the colours were brighter) Quite a fascinating experience if you haven’t been under the sea before.

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