New A4 Quilt

Just finished this – as it is a dull, wet day, I decided to scan it instead of photographing. I’m going to send it to the UK Quilter’s Guild for their Little Gems Tombola. If you go to the link you can see lots of the other quilts, some really good ones too.

Can you help? I need some ideas for a name for the quilt. If someone comes up with a good name by the end of this week, I’ll send them one of my ATCs!

It’s made from mostly commercial fabrics, polyesters, some silks and cottons. The colours came from a reel of variegated thread which I’ve used for some of the embroidery and I’ve added some more shades of yellow/gold and burgandy. I made this as a smaller piece a few years ago but wasn’t quite happy with it so when I was looking for an idea for another A4 quilt, decided I’d cut it up, re-arrange and add some more work to it. The other 2 I’ve done for the Tombola were not as bright or high contrast as this and I like the way it’s turned out.

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  1. Hi Linda – my immediate thought was “frame of mind” but maybe that is reflective more of mine than anything!! Great piece though and the triangles really give it “kapow”!

  2. I agree with all of the above!
    I actually flipped it on it’s side (placing the triangle in the lower right corner) and these immediately popped into my head:

    Geometry 101
    Memories of Geometry
    Shadows of Geometry
    Geometric Shadows

    You can tell what classes I took!

  3. All such good suggestions! I definitely saw the protractor in there! “Fragments” is my contribution.
    It’s a beautiful piece with so much to see and spend time inspecting and enjoying! thanks!


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