New print blocks

Last week I made some new blocks (above) – some lino and some stick-on fun foam. I usually glue them onto a wood base, sometimes cut to shape, then glue a print from the block, done on paper, to the back. I then varnish them. I find this really helps with the printing process and obviously makes them last longer. I still use blocks I made 10 years ago.

Below: some of the test prints I did with my new blocks.

I’ve chosen a name for my A4 quilt: ‘Construction Zone’ from Judy Alexander. Thanks to all who made suggestions. I liked the geometric ones and also WA Dreaming from Doreen (because the colours are the same as the Aboriginal flag) but when I saw the name Construction zone I just felt it fitted and a quilt is a kind of construction too. An ATC will soon be on it’s way.
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  1. These are wonderful block! I’ve been playing a little with making my own from weather stripping and from rubber plumber’s gasket. So much fun! Your dyed fabric is absolutely gorgeous, btw.

  2. Wow Linda! Just love your print blocks. I’m about to give lino printing a really full on go! Wish me luck.

    Thank you for becomming a folower of my blog – having looked at yours, I’m honoured.


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