Rottnest Island

Arrived back today after a short but relaxing break at Rottnest, a popular holiday island about 35 minutes away from Fremantle by ferry.
It’s popular because there are no cars, everything is very casual, much of the accommodation is fairly basic (no TV or phones) and there are lots of beautiful bays for swimming fishing etc. The last time DH was at Rotto, as we call it in here in WA, was about 40 years ago and 15 years ago for me so we were happy to get the opportunity to go again.
The little animal (top left) is a quokka. They’re like a small wallaby and are only found on Rottnest where they are numerous. Rottnest was named after them because the early Dutch explorers thought they were rats.
During World War 2, Rottnest was used in the defence of the port of Fremantle, hence the barracks and guns although it was never necessary to fire the guns at the enemy.
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  1. How beautiful Linda! Sounds like you had a very nice little break from reality, which is always so welcomed. I love your pictures, especially of the quokka….he is very cute!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. I’ve dropped my cd off at the art center and now have to wait 2 weeks for a response. This is the hard part!


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