RR fabric done

Last Saturday at the Designing women meeting we had a silk paper workshop given by Judith Pinnell who’s written 2 books on the subject and has another ready to go. It was a fun workshop – I’ve made silk paper several times before but still learnt a few things. The above piece was done in the workshop as well as another one which I’ll post next time. You may be able to see a few emu feathers in it.

Finished the Round Robin fabric which was waiting for my attention. (detail below) I thought it could use some contrast and solid areas so I cut 2 freezer paper stencils and ironed them onto silkscreens then printed with thickened Napthols dyes in green and blue with some black added. There were already crosses in the fabric from the flag folding so I decided to use that in my design.

Above: These fabrics were in my studio so I used them as test pieces.

Below: the full piece. It was a dull day today so the colour may be slightly off in the photo. I think the detail is closer. The fabric has to go to one more person before it returns to Linda D in Florida.

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