Covered Journals & RR Fabric

I’ve been asked to do some more journals – here are the first 2. I’ll do a few more before I take them to the gallery shop. They’re a good way to use my print sample fabrics.

The last RR fabric arrived last week – still deciding what I’ll do with it – perhaps some texture or stencilling with Shiva oil sticks, as I’m the last on this one.

We had an interesting workshop given by Margaret Perkins at Innovative Stitches on Saturday, making 3D objects with wire.

One was a pod like shape made from a fairly heavy wire which was then wrapped with a finer wire with beads added. The other one, a wire cage for a hand made bead or treasure, I found a lot harder as it was smaller and had to be more exact. Mine wasn’t well done but I think I’ll make it into a Christmas decoration so it won’t matter if it’s a bit dodgy.
She also showed us how to do a flower embroidered on soluble with wired edges so it could be be bent into shape. Much more my thing – will do one when I have time.

This week will be spent getting ready for my workshop ‘Painting and Printing with Procion Dyes’ for the Embroiderers Guild next Saturday. The class is full so I’m doing another one for them on the 17th September.

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  1. Nice journals. How about foiling on the RR piece. It needs some punch. I’m with you on the 3D objects. The shaped flowers would be more my thing.

  2. Paintstiks rubbings with foiling over would look good.

    I love those journals. That long and short satin stitch looks great, is that an automatic stitch on your machine???

    I have just machined on romeo and added a wire edging, will post a pic when I get time.

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