Holey Moley & rejected quilt

Above: my latest piece from an online course I’m doing run by Dale (The Thread Studio) called Holey Moley. It’s done on heat transfer printed felt. The squares were joined by machine stitching, then the 6 small squares were appliqued on. The triangular holes were cut out then stitched around and across and I used a soldering iron to burn the small holes.

Today I got the rejection letter for my ‘Stitch Sampler Quilt’ (above & detail below) I wasn’t really expecting it to be accepted for a few reasons. I had very limited time so chose to finish this one rather than the one I was planning (I’ll do that one next year for another exhibition attempt) It’s not very large (51 x 76cms) – also I had one day to do the photo and get it sent off so just had to do the best I could with my own resources. But I’m pleased that I got it finished and submitted.

The idea came from some sewing machine stitch samples – very randomly done on calico – some I had used up paint on and stamped – not with any plan in mind but when I cut them up and arranged them on a sun dyed background fabric I quite liked them. The rest of the quilt was designed around them. I screen printed some more squares on the background, made a border from other printed/dyed fabrics that fitted in and machine quilted it with a design that echoed the shapes and colours.
Not sure what I’ll do with it now – might have to find a place on the wall to hang it. I actually quite like it – the chance element in the initial idea, the using up of scraps which would otherwise be thrown away and the folksy look of it. I can understand it wouldn’t appeal to everyone though.

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  1. Your holey moley piece is a great interpretation, I love it.
    I also love your quilt, the colours, composition, concept; I definitely would hang it on my wall.
    Probably a concept you could take further and develop a few pieces.

  2. it’s a great little quilt. rejection or not. i like aussie jo’s idea of continuing to develop the idea….taking it further etc. you may be ‘on’ to something that hasn’t yet totally emerged for you yet……

  3. I love both pieces. The upperone has great colours and great techniques. I also learned these techniques on courses. It is so nice to do something different with material you know so well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing Linda, I love your stitch sampler. I love the way you have placed the lighter fabrics together creating a window of light in the centre. The quilting is perfect. I think this is a really neat idea and a great way to use up scraps.
    I love the Holey Moley piece too.What is heat transfer printed felt? Something else to try!!!

  5. I really like it too – especially the play of light and dark, like the sun going down!

    I admire your spunk in advertising the fact that it was rejected. I always just tuck those little ‘Thank you for submitting your work, however…’ letters in the bottom of a box and try to forget about them (but I never do and they fester a little). So refreshing to shout it out and be done with it!

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