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This afternoon I continued with my printing – did some more on the piece from the previous post (bottom) and the 2 top ones. I decided I needed to make a ‘lines’ printing block to add another layer to my fabric quickly. The vilene stencil worked well but was very hard to see through, making placement difficult. So I ended up with printed areas in block shapes.
To blend these areas together I used the same cardboard edge I used to make the stencil to print some darker lines but it was slow going and not very effective. The block (made by cutting strips of peel & stick fun foam and attaching it to foam core board) was much better. The design shows up well on the piece below.

The 2 top pieces are done using the lines block and over printing in different colours. This is a great way of making a print block – it’s very quick, light, water-proof and lasts well.

Above: this was done a while ago – it’s about 50cms square – was started with procion dyes, then some discharge and fabric paint. I’ve had it on my wall because I think it needs something but haven’t decided what yet.

Also on my wall is the last fabric Round Robin piece. I think I’ve finally decided what to do with it and will get onto it tomorrow.

Above: this is a section of the same piece from the last post with more printing – it’s almost there, but I think I’ll introduce a horizontal element a third of the way from the top and then maybe some small dark squares scattered over. It reminds me of old weathered wood with cracks and peeling paint.

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