Finished fabrics

Some of these I’ve shown before, but now I think they’re finished.

I think I’ll add some stitch to the piece above – it may end up as a quilt. The one below is just a small experiment made to use up left over ink but I like the colours.

Below: a detail of the RR fabric from the previous post. Thanks for the comments everyone – I agree with Judy that the end use of the fabric makes a big difference but as that isn’t my decision, I think I’ll leave it to Judi – the fabric’s owner to decide if she’s happy with it as is.

I should probably explain that the fabric round robin was organised through the Complex Cloth Yahoo group. There were 5 people – each started with 1 yard of fabric of their choice – sending it on to the next participant after they had added their part to it. At the end the fabric is sent back to it’s owner.

Hopefully each person ends up with a unique piece of fabric and has been challenged to apply their skills in surface design and techniques in a different way.

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